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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


KKcenterHK is an online store, which sells a wide range of beauty products, including false eyelashes. I was sent the A101 Eyelashes for review purposes. Since they have such a good selection of eyelashes, there is actually a lot to choose from, so there are eyelashes for everyone’s taste. Their eyelashes are made in Korea and each package comes with 10 pairs of lashes.
To start off, the quality of the eyelashes is really nice. These are super light and comfortable to wear, and even though they look a little bit tricky, they are extremely easy to put on. The pair that I am wearing on the photos was already used once and, as you can see, the lashes are still amazing. Even though there isn’t information on the website on how many times you can use the lashes, I am sure these will last between 3-5 times. Regarding the style of these eyelashes, you can definitely see that this time I went for something a little bit more dramatic and full. I was pretty sure that this style would be a little hard to pull off for everyday wear. However, I was extremely surprised with the final result. In the picture available at their website, these lashes look a lot more dramatic then they look in-person. And even though they still look dramatic on the box, these look a lot more wearable the moment you put them on. It is still a little too much for everyday wear, but not as much as I though it to be. The thing I love the most about these lashes is how flirty they are. In each photo that I have taken with these on, my eyes were always extremely flirty and seductive. In this sense, these are the kind of eyelashes that you want to wear if you’re going to a special event, where you’re going to take a lot of photos. These look awesome on photos and make you eyes stand out, by adding a sexy glam to the eyes. I am going to my brother’s prom really soon so this are definitely the eyelashes that I’ll be wearing on that day.
Regarding the packaging, the box looks actually quite nice but unfortunately it isn’t that handy, since it is a little hard to store the lashes in place after you have used them. But the one thing that I thought clever was that the package had instructions on the back, translated in four different languages (Korean, English, Spanish, and Japanese). However, the English and Spanish part doesn’t make sense at all, since it was probably translated using an online translator. Regarding the price, it is super affordable. A box with 10 pairs of eyelashes is available for $4.89.