PR friendly.

This blog is PR friendly. Therefore, if you're a company and you would like me to review your product(s), feel free to contact me:
Since this blog's focus is beauty and fashion, I will only accept the following type of products:

1.) Skin care products (regular products, natural & organic products) *
2.) Cosmetics & beauty products (regular products, natural cosmetics, mineral make up)*
3.) Hair & body care products (regular products, natural & organic products)*
4.) Fragances (regular products, natural  organic products)*
3.) Clothes & accessories

* In any case, I will never accept products that were animal-tested.

I am not interested in receiving any kind of compensation for my reviews.
I will only review products that I have used or tested. I will always give my honest review on whatever product that is being spoken about. In this sense, I will need a certain amount of time to test the product before doing an acceptable review for my readers. Depending on the type of the product, here is the estimated time for reviews:

1.)  4 to 6 weeks after the product has been received (for skin care products)
2.)  1 to 2 weeks after the product has been received (for cosmetics & beauty products)
3.)  2 to 4 weeks after the product has been received (for hair & body care products)
4.)  1 to 2 weeks after the product has been received (for fragances)
5.)  1 to 2 weeks after the product has been received (for fashion & accessories)

In every single review, I will personally include links to your website, photos of the product along with the following:

1.) Testing experience with it (for skincare, hair/body care, fragances & beauty products)
2.) Post pictures of myself with the products on (for cosmetics)
3.) Style and post pictures of how to wear it (for fashion & accessories) *

* Accessories and clothes can also be featured on a fashion video. 

In case there is more than one product for review, I'll first post an intro, introducing your brand and products.
I will send you an email with the link to the review once it has been posted.
In case of a negative review, I will contact you by email prior to posting and you have the option to decline the review post.

I am also willing to accept sponsored giveaways. I will only accept a sponsored giveaway if I am already familiar with your brand or product. In this sense, it wouldn't be honest giving something to my readers that I am not sure about.
Giveaways will normally run for a period of 3 to 4 weeks for all items. Each giveaway will be featured in its own exclusive post, containing images of the product(s) and links to your website. The responsible for the prize's shipping will always be the sponsor of the giveaway. After completion of the giveaway, I will provide the winner's shipping information to you.

Promos & Discounts
Another option is offering a discount or promo code to my readers. In this case, I'll introduce your website & products in a proper post, and I'll let them know about the discount or promo code that your company is offering.