Life is about choices and beliefs. Therefore, make a conscious and wise decision every time you decide to buy a new product. Why would you care? Millions of animals are been tortured in the name of our comfort and safety. What do your consciousness has to say about it? This is about making the correct choices. It is also about consciousness, responsibility and welfare. Next time, think twice before buying a certain brand or a certain product. Contribute for a better world. Your choices can make a difference!

I have assumed a commitment with myself. Therefore, I do try my best to only shop cruelty-free products. I try to stay away from brands that test on animals. Please check the PETA site for lists on companies that do and don't test on animals.
1.) PETA's List of Companies that DO NOT test on animals 
2.) PETA's List of Companies that DO test on animals here
3.) Search for cruelty-free companies here

Also, have a look at all the cruelty-free brands that I've already tried and that I recommend.

♥ Dr. Organic
♥ Eve Organics 
♥ Herbal Bio Nature
♥ Le Petit Olivier 
♥ Lumiere Cosmetics 
♥ My Lip Stuff
♥ Tatcha