Saturday, 21 January 2012

back again.

I feel that it has been a really long time since my last post, and I can see that my intuition is correct. January has been a tough month, for several reasons. Things are finally calmer and I can now return to my blog. I missed you all so much and your blogs too! Anyway, I wanted to write this post to let you know how things are. Regarding college, there are still a couple of things to do, but I'm done with all the tests. Now it's all about written papers, which isn't too bad, since I can work from home. This semester was a little chaotic in terms of evaluations since one of our teachers got sick and she was responsible to 3 different subjects. Therefore, we didn't know what was coming until the first week of this month, when we were told how we would be evaluated. Therefore, everything is pretty much clear and work is in progress. I felt really weak and sick during this month. As I told, January is always a difficult, demanding month, but there were other things on my mind as well. To start off, we have being having some familiar problems, regarding my brother. He is going through this strange phase, in which we doesn't know what he wants and where he is heading to. We have been helping him the best we can and know, but he seems so lost. He has been on my thoughts the whole time and I hope things will get better soon. Besides this, I also had some emotional problems, and that was one of the main reasons why I needed to have a break. Gladly the situation is now solved, and I think that going through all that emotional rollercoster was more than worth it. Even though my life isn't perfect at this exact moment, I feel very secure and at ease. I'm at peace right now, and the things that matter seem to walk in the right direction. I have to admit that I don't really remember the last time I felt this secure, this complete. And I'm enjoying every second of this new found peace! I hope you are all doing well and I'm really glad to announce that I will be back now!


  1. Ainda bem que estás de volta. E vais ver que tudo se vai resolver, minha linda. O tempo é uma coisa fantástica e algo muito poderoso! Isso e o apoio da família que é mais que essencial!
    Folgo em saber que te encontras bem e espero que essa fase se prolongue durante muito tempo.

    Um beijinho e muito carinho para ti ♥

  2. happy to "see" you again. I took a break too. need to figure out some stuff still. take care

    1. I hope everything turns out ok dear!

      Take care :)

  3. good to know everything went well and i feel you. not that i have a brother but someone close is also going through some emotional turmoil. as much as we would want to help them, we can just let them know we're here for them. sometimes being there for someone is more than enough.


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