Friday, 25 November 2011


Another step closer to the end of my summer trip, this time at the Bom Jesus de Braga (Good Jesus of the Mount), a portuguese Sanctuary near the city of Braga. This was indeed one of the most stunning places I've ever visited. The present Sanctuary started being built back in 1722, under the patronage of the Archbishop of Braga, Rodrigo de Moura Telles. This Sanctuary is most definitely a notable example: it was one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Portugal. Its unique and monumental architectural style, with its roots in the Baroque style, is definitely the most breathtaking aspect of this place. Just so do you have an idea, these singular stairways climb 116 metres (381 feet), which is a notable thing, considering the time in which it was built, and also its pilgrimage purpose. Enough with the talk, I think the photos speak for themselves.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

the little guy.

Lucky has his own fascination when it comes to photography. I guess he and I have indeed a lot in common. Every time he hears the slightest sound of the camera shooting, he runs back to the place I am. He loves to stare at the camera, specially if it is close to his little nose. Simba also enjoys to see the camera, but I have the impression that what Lucky really loves, is to be photographed. And it's not like I can resiste his little charms.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


We all have our own skin stories, worth sharing with others: a story of strenght, perserverance, or love. Bio-Oil is now developing a campaign on Facebook called Skin Stories. If you share your skin story, Bio-Oil will donate £1 to the British Skin Foundation.
I was more than happy for being a part of this campaign, since I saw in it an amazing opportunity to bring more awareness to this topic, while making women rethink how they feel about themselves.
My skin story might be very different from other people. It's mostly a story about perseverance: 2009 was one of the most difficult years of my life, scarring me with the loss of a loved one; 2010 wasn't an easy year either, and I saw myself embarking on a journey of ups and downs; lastly, 2011 has been putting me to the test. I was completely lost psychologically, and the result of that was a serious depression. However, my body has also resented from all of these situations, resulting in a constant weight loss. Even thought I was always quite comfortable when it would come to my own body, I started feeling self-conscious with the first appearance of stretch marks. But stretch marks have also been a family problem for generations. My grandma had them, my mom struggles with them too, and most of the female relatives around me have been dealing with this problem. Despite all this, I know that they tell a story. It might not be the prettiest fairy tail, but it's definitely part of the person that I am.
Bio-Oil has offered to send me a bottle as part of this campaign. Bio-Oil has originally been developed by the Union Swiss, back in 1987. Due to its nature, this product was definitely a market challenge: Bio Oil was a multi-use product (differing from the traditional products), but it was also an oil (thought to be greasy). The true is that Bio Oil has won a total of 77 skincare awards and has become the number one selling scar and stretch mark product in 11 countries.
I've started using this product back in September, twice a day, until the beginning of November. Even though it's an oil, the skin absorbs the product quite fast. I have to admit that this was one of my initial preoccupations. Besides this, there is absolutely no need to use a lot of product, since a little bit will cover quite a large area. After the first applications, my skin started to feel extremely nourished and moisturised. Little by little, I started seeing some improvement on my stretch mark's condition: they became a little bit less noticeable, almost as if they have faded. As any other product, it will require some time until you start seeing some results. This is not a miracle product in the sense that it will make all of your stretch marks disappear. However, it will help to visibly reduce their appearance. Due to the amazing results that I got, I will continue to use this product. But as I referred before, Bio-Oil can also be used for other skin problems. For being an extremely rich and moisturizing oil, it is an amazing product to use in areas that easily become dry, such as the knees, elbows, and even your hands. I was more than satisfied to see that it is as nourishing as a cream. But besides the stretch mark's results, I was also quite curious to see how it would work on my face. I started using it as a night treatment: I wouldn't advise anyone to use it during the day, since it is a little bit heavy for the face. After applying Bio-Oil, the skin will feel a little oily, especially if you have already oily skin. However, the oil will be absorbed throughout the night, and your skin won't become oilier because of this. In fact, I was admired with the results I got: it visibly reduced some small darker spots I had on my face, and it even dried my blemishes (I have to admit that I wasn't expecting this at all). Regarding the packaging, I liked the fact that it came in a clear bottle, since you're able to see how much of the product is left. However, I would have definitely preferred a pump dispenser, since it easily gets a little messy.
Bio-Oil is definitely a staple product for everyone, being able to be used by all skin types. A 60 ml bottle is available for approximately £9.


rusty memories.

Ad Fall is finaly here. Days are now a lot smaller, and it has been raining almost everyday. This has been the best excuse to my late night hot cups of tea, while reading a good book or writing a letter and listening to the sound of the pouring rain.
November is now here, and time has indeed flew by. I've been more than busy with college and the first evaluations. There hasn't been much time to think about anything else, hence my absence. Weekends have indeed been my only escape, and the perfect time to go back to the things that I like to do. I sincerly hope that you're all doing well. I've been missing my blog and your blogs quite a lot. I've decided to start scheduling posts, so that at least you can have sonme news from me. For now, I'll leave you with these photos, shot last weekend near the river.