Saturday, 30 April 2011


My new babies! I was looking for some cute shoes for Spring for quite a while. I was thinking about some flat ballerinas or something similar. In fact, those were the first to capture my attention, just some black quilted ones with some details. However, the moment I put my eyes on these, I knew this was it. What I like about these shoes is that they look really lady like and classic. I know that the color isn't that Spring-ish neither the fabric, but these were so adorable on that I couldn't help it. They have a small heal, which makes it extremely comfortable to walk in. Besides, they have a really cute ruffled detail. I don’t know why, but these are quite reminiscent of some of the 60’s and 50’s shoes. And that was another reason that made me get them. I always try to look for clothes and accessories that are as original as possible. Not only they feel unique to me, but they also go great with everything.
I also went to Sephora (again!) just to buy new eyelash glue. I ended up bringing home this one by Andrea. Let’s see how it works.

and the winner is.

First of all, I just want to thank you all for entering the giveaway. I was extremely surprised with the actual number of the entries. In total, we had 119 entries for a chance to win a Sigma E25 Travel Size Brush. The winner was generated through
For those of you who didn’t win, please don’t feel unmotivated since I will be having more giveaways in the future. So, without further ado the winner of the Sigma E25 Travel Size Brush is:

Congratulations to Laura Ciraolo! I will be contacting you soon in order to obtain your shipping information. You have 48 hours to answer. 

Friday, 29 April 2011

you have mail.

Today, I had quite a surprise when the postman came to deliver some letters. This cute packaging was waiting for me and as soon as I put my eyes on it, I couldn't help to open it. I have already talked a little bit about my pen pal experience on some previous posts. I said it before, and I will say it again: it is amazing how something as simple as this can be so enriching and cultural relevant.
Bin was actually my first pen pal friend. We met back in the beginning of December and we started changing letters in January. She is an 18 years old girl from South Korea. As I said previously, she is indeed an amazing person, extremely sympathetic and kind. I was lucky enough to come across her profile and to have her as my first pen pal friend.
I was already overwhelmed with the cuteness overload of the packaging but as soon as I opened it I was even more excited. Aren’t the letter-paper and the envelope the cutest? This is by a brand called Artbox and you can see their cute site and products here.
Along with the letter she also sent some treats, which I am absolutely loving. These are some Korean cookies made of Tteok. Tteok, also known as rice cakes, is actually a Korean traditional food. And I guarantee you, it is absolutely yummi!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


This Yes Love nail polish is in the shade Y4 and as you can see, it is a gorgeous pastel blue. I was actually searching for a color like this for quite a while and I happened to find this one, which was an amazing deal.
First of all, I really like the packaging of all of these nail polishes. I think it is really cute and well designed. The applicator is quite big and dense, which allows a faster application. However, this would be a little harder to handle if you have small nails. When it comes to the formula, even thought these were pretty cheap, that didn’t compromise the overall quality. The consistency isn’t obviously spectacular but I mean, you get what you paid for. With this nail polish, I had to apply three coats. I think that it is due to the light color because I didn’t have any problems with the darkest ones (two coats would be more than enough). In my opinion, it isn’t that big of a deal and I don’t really mind applying an extra coat. Another thing that I like is that it dries extremely fast and after it is completely dried, it just feels and looks really good. I painted my nails with this color last Thursday and it only started cracking on two of the nails today. I don’t think it could be better than this, since a lot of drugstore nail polishes last less. Therefore, I am extremely pleased!

Monday, 25 April 2011

the inner child.

Life makes us grow no matter what. You can’t delay it or choose not to grow up. In a matter of time, it will strike you as well. I have always considered myself as a lucky and happy child. However, I had my struggles and I still have them now. There were actually a lot of events that completely changed my perception about life. Without realizing, I was already too old when I was still too young.
Before turning five, my grandparents divorced and from that moment on I lost my grandpa until today. It was his choice to leave us behind as if we were all deceased and even if we had fought against it, I don’t feel like it had changed anything at all. Nowadays, I don’t actually think he was worth it. A couple of months after this, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. My mom still thinks that it was due to my grandparent’s separation. I like to think it was meant to be. I had to fight against it until I was 10 years old. But as I turned into a teenager, the fear about it was still there. I am twenty years old now and I still shiver at the thought of it. A couple of years ago, I saw with my own eyes an epilepsy’s strike. There was a part of me that ached a little bit inside, thinking of all the things that my parents had to go through back then.
Seven years ago my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. For me, it was one of the cruellest realities that I had to face. It hurt me at some many different levels. Seeing my grandma incapable and mentally unstable was like being stabbed multiple times. This is the most destructive disease that I know and honestly, it is the one I fear the most. It is difficult to put it into words because there are things that you can only comprehend by feeling them. The multiple times when she didn’t recognize or stared at me with those empty eyes, I won’t ever forget.
Last year, I lost my only grandfather. When I look into all this, I can’t help thinking that life is probably trying to teach me some lessons. I came out stronger from each one of these but I couldn’t help growing up a lot faster than I should. That is probably why I like to be a little bit childish from now and then. That is why I like buying stuffed animals just because. That is why I think Hello Kitty stuff is adorable. That is why I am a completely different person when I am at home, just because I feel like I can be childish and don’t worry about other things.
I have the most beautiful memories from my childhood but I also carry some scars deep inside of me. That is why I still keep this kid inside of me alive. So the bad things won’t ever overpower the good ones.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Sigma sent me the E25 Travel size Blending Brush for review purposes. I have received this brush through their Affiliate Program and as all of you know, Sigma has also offered to give away this exact same brush to one of my readers. Regarding the E25, it is an oval-shaped brush which is ideal to apply both eye shadows and base eye shadow colors, but also to blend any harsh lines.
This is indeed an amazing brush for blending eye shadows! I use it only for this purpose so I can’t tell my experience when it comes to applying eye shadows or base shadows. First of all, I just have to say that even thought this is a travel size brush the quality and the size of the brittles are exactly the same as the regular sized brush. Therefore, its performance is the exact same (see a comparison between the two brushes here). In terms of quality, it is indeed superb. The brush handle is comfortable to work with and the metal on the front is strong. Besides, it is extremely soft. It is slightly tapered at the end and fluffy on the top, providing a flawless blending effect. In this sense, all the harsh lines are instantly minimized. It has already been washed, right before the first time using it. To be honest, I was expecting some shedding but it actually didn’t lose any bristles during the first wash, neither during the times I have used it. It also dried extremely fast and after an hour it was ready to be used.
In general, this is a marvellous brush. The quality and its performance are indeed fantastic. Regarding the price, I think that it is really inexpensive. The regular sized brush is available for $9.00.

lovely products.

1. Sigma 12 Brush Kit in Make me Blush, for a flawless make up. 2. Etude House Dear Darling Gloss No.18 Pink Split, for shiny lips.
3. Elf Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Berry Mix, for lovely eyes. 4. Sigma Heart Shaped Mirror in Wild Pink, for a dazzling look at your reflex.

thank you.

This is the right time for doing this specific post. Therefore, I guess the best thing to do is going back to the beginning. I started blogging around April 2009. My first blog, my personal blog, ended up being my sketch book for all my writing. It was the space where I shared my biggest passion, which is definitely literature. A lot of people that follow me now, followed me back then. Through my first blog, I was able to meet other wonderful bloggers and obviously marvelous blogs.
I have grown up since then. I have dealt with ups and downs in my life. I have smiled but also cried a lot. I have won and lost battles and even some wars. I have lived, felt and loved. But most important of all, I have been sharing it with you. My words, thoughts and feelings have become powerful and somehow, they have an impact on other people's lives. People that I don't know personally, that in most cases live miles away from me. However, we are connected and even though we are away, we are not apart. This is the magical thing about a blog. And this was definitely what made blogging so special to me. I feel blessed for all the marvelous moments that I had blogging. I am also thankful for every person that has followed since the beginning.
Today, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you all. To all of you who have been around for ages. To those of you who have come to this place now. To all that come from time to time. This is my honest acknowledgment.
One thing that I have never forgot is that behind ever reader, ever visit, every comment is another person. There is a lot more behind it and that is the reason why I value so much every single one of you. I have never cared for numbers or statistics. We are not numbers and we should not be seen as such. When we start treating others as simple numbers is when we lost all the appreciation and respect towards people. This is why, for instance, I answer to every single comment that I receive. That is also why I keep reading and following your blogs. I would never see it as an obligation. This is a space for sharing and I feel extremely blessed for being able to do it with all of you.
I am sorry for this long and emotional rambling. However, I just wanted to honestly speak my thoughts and appreciations, as I always do. In the end, I also want to welcome all my new readers and thank my old ones for staying around. I hope that you keep joining me on this journey that is my life, while I share it with you.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Lately, I’ve been doing some low cost shopping. I love to find bargains, especially when I end up liking the products. When it comes to make up and other cosmetics, I think you just need to experiment with different products. Even though I wouldn’t buy a cheap foundation or moisturizer (skincare products basically), I don’t mind buying other cheap products like nail polish or even a lipstick or eye shadow. As long as the quality satisfies me, I really don’t care.
Yesterday I went to H&M just to see their collection. I also went there because I wanted to check their cosmetics line and mainly their nail polishes. Even though the colors of the nail polishes were quite appealing, I thought they were a little bit pricey. I had a bad experience with nail polishes lately, especially some that were a little bit more expensive. A couple of days ago, I had to throw a bunch of them in the trash so for now I am refusing to buy expensive nail polishes. Anyway, even though I didn’t buy nail polishes I ended up getting two lip glosses. I had heard quite a lot about these and I was just excited to try them out. Therefore, I bought the Strawberry Mint Flavoured Lip Shine. As the name says, this is just a lip shine. The thing about this is that it smells divinely and the quality is actually great. The price was quite friendly as well (only 2.95€). Then, I bought a Lip Gloss in the color Coral Hibiscus. Not only the packaging and quality are amazing, but it also was a complete bargain (only 0.95€). And once again, the scent is to die for. You can’t get enough of it since it smells like candy! I can’t wait to buy some more of these.
The next items were all bought at the same store, but on different times. A couple of months ago, I bought the two nude nail polishes (from the second photo) at a Chinese store. I wasn’t expecting too much, to be honest since I paid less than a euro for each. However, I was surprisingly astonished by how good these were. These are easily compared to any other nail polish that you buy at the drugstore. They probably last the same, they actually dry much faster, and the product is as good as any other. I don’t have any problems buying products at a Chinese store. However, I know that a lot of people don't think the same way. I am just glad that I have found these amazing nail polishes, because now I have some good and cheap ones. So after I bought the first two to try them out, I went back and bought these other colors. In my opinion, it is just about being open-minded. My advice is going to a store that has a good selection of colors, brands and lines. And most important of all, it’s better if you can test the products there. Besides the nail polishes, I also bought this small palette, which has six different glosses. It is from the same brand as the nail polishes and I am also loving it. The colors are amazing and really pigmented and the price was even better (only 1.75€). On my next visit, I am also thinking about trying out some eye shadows, since they have a huge selection. And I’ll probably try out some other glosses as well.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

life takes time.

Another week went by. Over the last two weeks, a lot of things have happened and everything was a bit chaotic. I’ve been dealing with some professional struggles but I am back on my feet now. What I’ve learned from this is that bad people exist everywhere. And most important, they will do everything to succeed, even if they have to make others fall.
Anyway, the Game of Thrones series premiered this week. I am a huge George Martin’s fan so I was really excited about this. For all of you fantasy fans out there, this book series is really a must read since it is so spectacular. Therefore, I was feeling extremely anxious to see the adaptation into the TV screen. And I have to say that I simply loved it!
My latest big addiction is definitely fruit. I have been eating it at every single meal. It is so refreshing and yummy. Besides, it is really healthy. My favorite fruits are exotic fruits like mango, pineapple, and kiwi. But my absolute favorite is the passion fruit.
Even though spring has already came (and we had some amazing hot summerish days), rain is back for now. Yesterday the weather was just terrible and it resembled a winter day. It heavily rained and thundered all night long. Today the weather was also so dark and gloomy that I had to wear something a little bit more vibrant in order to feel less depressed by the weather. However, my normal approach to this is wearing a lot of pastels in make up. That is basically what I have been doing lately. I love pastels for spring even when it comes to clothes. When I use this type of colors with make up, everything becomes a lot more light, fresh and cheerful. In any case, let’s just hope the weather gets better soon!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


The Blemishes no more kit by Dr. Brandt is a three step kit which comes with 3 different products. The first one is the Blemishes no More cleansing pads; the second one is the Blemishes no More Intensolution; and the final one is the Blemishes no More Oil-Free Hydrator. These products are supposed to be used one after the other, both in the morning and in the afternoon. The pads are designed to remove make up and impurities but also to promote a faster improvement in the appearance of blemishes. The Intensolution works as a cleanser which also prevents impurities from clogging the pores. Besides, it regulates sebum production and removes dead skin cells that can lead to breakouts. Finally, the Hydrator provides essential moisture without adding any oil or shine.
I used this kit for a month before I ran out of it. Unfortunately for me, this kit was discontinued and I basically had to look for another alternative. Anyway, I was doing this treatment regularly, twice a day. After the first applications, I was already able to see some improvements on my skin. The appearance of blemishes started to reduce and all the irritation and redness were reduced as well. All the blemishes that I already had, became a lot smaller and less inflamed. After two weeks, my big blemishes were all gone and all that I had left were some small ones that weren’t even inflamed. In my opinion, the two products that made this huge difference were both the Cleansing Pads and the Intensolution. The pads helped drying out the blemishes, without doing any harm to the skin. On the other hand, the Intensolution was my cleansing saviour, since it helped removing all the impurities and dead skin that was accumulated. In the end, not only my blemishes condition had improved, but also my skin was a lot healthier, shinier and softer. In general, these products were extremely gentle to the skin. Based on my experience, these aren’t aggressive at all so they can surely be used on a continuous treatment. About the Hydrator, I don’t have anything too good or too bad to say. This is just a regular product, comparable to any drugstore hydrator. I don’t think that it is that amazing. It does its job ok, but it’s nothing extraordinary.
Overall, I was more than satisfied with this kit, since it really did what it claimed to do. Plus, everyone around me noticed the difference. Even though the blemishes that I have aren't noticeable during the day (due to the use of concealer and foundation), everybody was able to see how beautiful and bright my skin was. It is true that I don't have that many blemishes (the ones that I have are around the chin area and a few on one of the sides of my forehead). However, I have been dealing with acne since I was a teenager. I stopped breaking out a couple of years when I was prescribed a birth control pill to battle my acne. However, I started breaking out again since last year due to my hormones.
I thought I had found my saviour now. The more I used it, the more impressed I was. I think that the most extraordinary thing was the quick results that I was able to see. Sadly, this was just a one month’s treatment kit. And all the blemishes line is now discontinued.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

today's soundtrack.



Longing Future


Friday, 15 April 2011

blue as the ocean.

I got inspired today and randomly created this eye make up look. And I surely love it! It just feels like summer has already arrived. Besides, it feels really fresh and bold.
Truthfully, I am quite low key when it comes to clothing colors. Therefore, I think that adding a pop of color in your make up is a really creative alternative.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

10 things that i love.

I was tagged by Amy to post 10 things that I love. Thank you in advance for tagging me!

1) State who gave you this award in your post.
2) State 10 things that you love.
3) Give this award to 10 other bloggers, listing them at the end of the post, and notify them with a lovely comment.

  1. Books - I can't live without it. It's something that defines me as a person and that was always present in my life. I was always used to be around books since I grew up surrounded by them. A home that isn't full of book shelves doesn't feel right to me. Books have been my inspiration and my passion.
  2. Notebooks - I am as crazy for books as I am for notebooks. I always carry them with me everywhere I go.
  3. Vintage pieces - I own a lot of different vintage pieces, especially jewelry. Most of these pieces were inherited and used to belong to my grandmothers/grandfathers or even great-grandmothers/great-grandfathers. I value each one of these quite mostly because of their sentimental value.
  4. Perfume – As every other girl, I like to smell pleasantly. Wearing a perfume is something so simple yet so feminine.
  5. Shoes – Don’t we all love this?
  6. Jewelry – I am someone that is very minimal when it comes to clothing. Therefore, my way of being creative is mainly through accessories.
  7. Stuffed Animals – I am a sucker for this type of stuffed animals. I really love these childish things, especially pandas.
  8. Make up – Once again, don’t we all like this?
  9. Candles – My room is full of candles. Everywhere! As long as I have space I put candles everywhere. I especially love scented candles. These ones in the picture are mango and passion fruit scented (btw, passion fruit is my favorite fruit ever).
  10. Blog – Last but not least, I really love my blog and obviously my lovely readers.
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